Robbie Grey, Modern English: “Rock Talk” Podcast Audio Interview

This article features the second in an ongoing series of “Rock Talk” podcast audio interviews for the Rock Subculture Journal. Today’s guest is Robbie Grey, founding member of Modern English. Tomorrow night Modern English will be playing Harlow’s in Sacramento as part of their special West Coast U.S. tour.  Mr. Grey, lead vocalist for Modern English, took time away from his schedule today to talk to me about the reformation of the original line-up of the band, their current U.S. tour, the UK tour this September, their upcoming new album, the history of the band and their work, and a bit of a discussion about one of the songs that defined the music scene in the early 80s, “I Melt With You”.

The audio interview can be heard in its entirety in the player embedded below, and is also available as a free download from iTunes HERE:

You can use the following links to learn more about Modern English, their music, and their live dates:

Official Website:
Discussion Forum:

Special thanks to Mr. Grey and the band and their management for participating in this interview – it was very enjoyable, and I hope other fans enjoy it.  I’m looking forward to the gig at Harlow’s in Sacramento tomorrow night, and tickets are still available at their site HERE.  The two subsequent dates closing out the U.S. West Coast tour are at the Pershing Square Free Concert with The Fixx in Los Angeles on July 21st and at The Hood Bar in Palm Desert on July 22nd.  Tickets for the September UK shows can be purchased from EEE Tickets and TicketWeb.

July 21, 2012 Update: Concert Review – Modern English at Harlow’s | Sacramento, California | 7/20/2012

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