Florence + The Machine at The Hollywood Bowl | Los Angeles, California | 10/8/2012 (Concert Review)

Having seen Florence + The Machine at the Mondavi Center back in April – which still remains as one of the best (of many, many) concerts I’ve been to this year, I was committed as I walked out of that venue that I would see them again soon, hopefully before the close of the year.  That dream became a reality last night at the historic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.  It was one of those circumstances in which you feel that you’ve already seen the best possible concert for a particular artist, and wonder if it is a good idea to see them again when it would be impossible to measure up to the experience that you already had.  Somehow, Florence + The Machine defied all of my expectations and put on a somewhat different show, but one that at least measured up to the first experience I had seeing them months ago.  They are an unbelievable band, and the most fascinating thing is that listening to the studio albums, you couldn’t know how amazing that it all translates into live music.  I already gave them my highest recommendation in my first review.  Whatever you might think of their music, whatever preconceived notions you may have about the live experience, I can’t imagine someone seeing this band live and not being blown away.  Even one of the venue staffers I was talking with before the show was won over by them with their first of two performances at the Hollywood Bowl the night before – and let’s just say he’s not someone you would guess is a Florence + The Machine fan by any stretch of the imagination – and even he thought that they were one of the best bands he’s ever seen, and he’s in the business of working tons of shows every year.  They are that fantastic, and in my opinion, one of the very top acts touring today.

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Florence + the Machine at Mondavi Center, U.C. Davis | Davis, California | 4/18/12 (Concert Review)

Last night I finally saw a band I’ve been following since their first album, but have never seen live – Florence + the Machine.  I’ve always been a huge fan of their work, their unique sound, and, well, everything about them.  However, they are one of those bands who turn real fans into something more than that…  I really expected true musicianship and a real stellar performance, but all the same, the passion and energy that came from the stage was unreal.  You don’t expect a band with a harpist to rock that hard.  I was extremely fortunate to have a front row center seat, which always offers such a unique perspective and experience, and of course much of the purpose of this website and these articles is to share in these experiences (through my review and photos) and inspire people to go out and see live music.  I really cannot recommend enough going to check out Florence + the Machine if you ever have the opportunity.  Stellar. [Read more…]