Lindsey Buckingham at The Crest Theatre | Sacramento, California | 5/13/2012 (Concert Review)

Epic performance from a legend.  Indeed, a very special Mother’s Day for some of the ladies in the audience, Lindsey Buckingham rocked the sold out, historic Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento tonight.  Alone on the stage, with an endless arsenal of guitars, Mr. Buckingham put on an amazing performance, and more than anyone, he has such a deep emotional connection with his music that his passion truly drives his live show unlike any artist.  He is simply an amazing musician.  Quite honestly, he could put on an entire showcase of just his peerless guitar playing, or, alternately, stand at the microphone all night a capella, and either would be captivating.  Having enjoyed both in perfect harmony, it was a night I will not forget. [Read more…]