Morrissey Coming To The Event Center at San Jose State University with Special Guest Amanda Palmer


Morrissey and his 2015 tour will be coming to the Event Center at San Jose State University on July 25th, with special guest Amanda Palmer. Some health issues led to premature cancellations of tours in recent years, but thus far things seem to be going quite favorably with this current set of dates, which kicked off last month.  It will all wrap up next Saturday.  Tickets for the Goldenvoice show are still available at [Read more…]

Morrissey To Tour United States Ahead of New Album Due In July, “World Peace Is None of Your Business”


Following the news of his first record deal since 2009 (a two-album deal with Harvest Records and Capitol Music, to be produced by Joe Chiccarelli), Morrissey announced a significant tour of the United States, which is scheduled to kick off in San Jose on May 7th.  Some of the dates will have special guests, with Tom Jones being part of the show in Los Angeles.  His forthcoming album, World Peace Is None of Your Business, is due in July. [Read more…]

Morrissey at Mondavi Center, U.C. Davis | Davis, California | 3/4/2013 (Concert Review)


“To give is the reason I live”…  a Frankie Valli lyric and a comment made by Morrissey on stage well into his set at Mondavi Center at U.C. Davis in Davis, California.  Morrissey has long been a fundamental part of my favorite music artists of all-time, and more than all of them, his music has always moved me – those special moments where the words and the sound connects with me, that chill down my spine and adrenaline rush…  as part of the soundtrack of my life, Morrissey and his work add texture, substance, and color unlike any other artist.  And his live appearances have become increasingly rare, so any opportunity I have to experience it “for real”, in person, I am there, as the live experience just magnifies it all.  And the show last night at Mondavi Center was a spectacular celebration among a special group of fans. [Read more…]

Morrissey Back On Track in San Diego, Adds More Dates To U.S. Tour


After a string of health-related challenges over the past 30 days, Morrissey appears to be back in the swing of things with a bit of ethics-related controversy with a Jimmy Kimmel Live! booking this week and since having played a successful show last night with an excellent set list in San Diego… with two more shows in Los Angeles in coming days, and then up to Northern California for a Mondavi Center show in Davis (rescheduled from last year), which I’ll be attending and reviewing.  Additionally, tomorrow a number of new dates will go on sale, and some missed dates have been rescheduled, so this will serve as somewhat of a housekeeping announcement. [Read more…]

Morrissey To Complete Tour of United States in January, February, March 2013


Morrissey will be completing his tour of the United States, which was postponed late last year after his mother became ill.  The concerts picked back up in New York last night, following his appearance on this week on the Late Show with David Letterman.  Moz will have a very busy schedule over the next three months, covering much of the U.S., and one final date in Mexico. [Read more…]

Morrissey at Bob Hope Theater | Stockton, California | 5/26/2012 (Concert Review)

It seems that Morrissey can open a show in a variety of ways – with a thought provoking question, a philosophical remark, or, as was the case for the concert in Stockton last night… with something a little more humorous, such as “my ass is back in town”.  As previously reported, last week I made a trip out to the Hawaiian islands to be able to see two special Morrissey concerts, back to back on two islands. The first was on Maui, at the Castle Theater on May 18th with the second show at the Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater on Oahu the following night, May 19th.  Being from California, the dates in the state here weren’t announced until some time after the Hawaii dates, so I decided to add just a third show for the venue most local to me, in Stockton (which is about a two hour drive).  I am glad to have made the trip for the added experience with this show, as it was quite different from the other two. [Read more…]

Morrissey at Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater | Oahu, Hawaii | 5/19/2012 (Concert Review)

After the previous night’s incredible Morrissey concert at the Castle Theater in Maui, I had such an amazing time I had zero expectations for anything remarkable happening with the show the very next day at the Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater in Honolulu on Oahu.  My feeling was that this second consecutive show would serve as more of a bonus or supplement to the first.  And, again, all expectations were exceeded.  Somehow I ended up in the exact same spot as I found myself the night before (front row pit, stage right), though I had encountered some unexpected challenges even getting to the venue with ticket in hand.  A larger outdoor venue (compared with the small and intimate indoor theater the night before), it was an altogether different experience in many ways, and I feel so very fortunate to have been in attendance for two such outstanding shows.  For me the highlight was a stripped down rendition of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”, which was so awesome, the woman standing next to me was literally in tears.  Phenomenal show. [Read more…]

Morrissey at Castle Theater | Maui, Hawaii | 5/18/2012 (Concert Review)

“When was the last time, that you did something for the first time?”  That was the question Morrissey posed to his audience, upon entering the stage, before tearing into one of my favorite songs of all time, “How Soon Is Now?”  Morrissey has always been one to prompt both thought and action with his work, from introspective self awareness in general, to supporting his causes with his music, as with “Meat is Murder” (also on the set list tonight).   And his work has always been complimented by his incredible live performances, filled with more reciprocal energy between the deep connection between he and his fans than you will find most anywhere else.  And even among those shows, there was a remarkable spark in the air for those of us on a small island in the middle of the ocean to take part in this event. [Read more…]