“Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth Live On Stage” at the MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theatre | Las Vegas | 4/16/12

My two fondest memories of sporting events in my life both featured Mike Tyson…  the first being his shocking defeat by then unknown Buster Douglas in Tokyo on February 11, 1990, and the second, his defeat at the hands of Lennox Lewis in New York on June 8, 2002.  For the majority of his career, and life really, both in and out of the ring, I viewed Mike Tyson as a villain.  However, I’ve been curious about him for the past few years (as a result of his appearance in The Hangover), and had a sense that he may be a significantly changed man.  Though I’d speculate that there have been a few different versions of who that man even is  – a true enigma, much like his tattoo, a symbol he has embraced with visual marketing collateral of this attraction.  With the announcement of his limited, week long “Undisputed Truth – Live on Stage” show in Las Vegas, I was curious enough to check it out to hear what he has to say about his life, and the way he has lived it, and to do so with an open mind. [Read more…]