Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” at Journal Tyne Theater | Newcastle, England | 12/20/2010 – England Journal Day Five

England Journal: Day Five. So today was the big day. After the thrilling night of the first concert in Liverpool at the Royal Court Theater, we needed to make our way to Newcastle Upon Tyne for the second and last show of the Crisis charity concert series, announced as held at the Journal Tyne Theater. [Read more…]

Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” at Royal Court Theater | Liverpool, England | 12/19/2010 – England Journal Day Four

England Journal: Day Four. This was our second day in Liverpool, where the first of the two Coldplay “Hidden Gig” shows benefiting Crisis were held tonight. As noted in the prior journal entry, the “Hidden Gig” venue was not revealed until 24 hours before the show, and the venue announced was the Royal Court Theater. [Read more…]

And Now For Something Completely Different… The England Journal

This will be the first in a series of uncharacteristically informal and personal articles to close out 2010. Apologies for the lack of new articles over the past week – I have been busy preparing for a trip to England, and am publishing this first article via layover at an airport, with flight departing to London. I will be publishing (hopefully) frequent updates about my journey over the next week, in which I will be meeting up with some of my fellow prop collecting enthusiasts, visiting some prop-related attractions, and will be attending two charity concerts featuring performances by Coldplay, benefiting Crisis. [Read more…]