The Ting Tings at the Fillmore | San Francisco, California | 3/25/12 (Concert Review)

Tonight I had the opportunity to see The Ting Tings in concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco. This is my first time seeing the band, and they were absolutely fantastic, which is all the more astonishing given that Katie White (vocals, guitar, bass drum, keyboards, and even cow bell) had an emergency appendectomy last Friday. The way she performed and danced all over the stage, and even into the audience (more on that later), you would never imagine that she had surgery just about a week ago. Jule de Martino is the other half of the band, on drums, guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and keyboards. [Read more…]

The Pixies at the Uptown Theater | Napa, CA | 11/20/11 (Concert Review)

On November 20, 2011, I was able to catch one of the last live performances put on by one of my all-time favorite bands, The Pixies, as part of their “Lost Cities” tour.  [Read more…]

Billy Idol at Mountain Winery | Saratoga, CA | 10/12/11 (Concert Review)

On October 12th, I had an opportunity to see Billy Idol perform at Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA for the second consecutive year.  My favorite (relatively) local venue, I was fortunate enough to have front row center seats, literally standing right in front of Idol’s front center position for the entire show (as you will see from the photos below).  [Read more…]

Daryl Hall and John Oates at Thunder Valley | Lincon, California | 9/11/11 (Concert Review)

On September 11th, I went to one of Hall and Oates shows, which was incredible, as I’ve come to expect from seeing them many times over the years (including at Mountain Winery last year).  With such a deep catalog of hits, any fan of 80s pop music would not come away disappointed.

[Read more…]

Coldplay AT&T Summer Krush at UCLA | Los Angeles | 8/3/11 (Concert Review)

August 3, 2011, I caught a special one off Coldplay show benefiting MusicCares at UCLA – the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush Concert Series. This was another great Coldplay show, and I had the benefit of VIP tickets and some special perks and front row in the seated section. Two of the songs were recorded for the Jimmy Kimmel Show!, which aired later the same night (with some funny video with Jimmy Kimmel at the very bottom). [Read more…]

Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” Trip – England Journal Day Six, Seven, Eight

England Journal: Day Six. Today was the first day of the trip I didn’t need to be somewhere by a certain time, so that was a relief. I used the opportunity to have a halfway decent night’s sleep (over three hours!). Both Oz and Carrie left late night/early morning to catch their respective flights out. Unfortunately, around the time I was planning to check out of the house, I received a text from Carrie that powerlines related to the train system had come down, and her train was stalled on the tracks. [Read more…]

Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” at Journal Tyne Theater | Newcastle, England | 12/20/2010 – England Journal Day Five

England Journal: Day Five. So today was the big day. After the thrilling night of the first concert in Liverpool at the Royal Court Theater, we needed to make our way to Newcastle Upon Tyne for the second and last show of the Crisis charity concert series, announced as held at the Journal Tyne Theater. [Read more…]

Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” Trip – England Journal Day Three

England Journal: Day Three. This was the first day that was all about Coldplay. Oz and I met another Coldplay fan from the United States, Carrie, at Paddington Station. This was where we began our journey to the two “Hidden Gig” shows benefiting Crisis. [Read more…]

Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” Trip – England Journal Day Two

England Journal: Day Two. This was a very busy day. Mario, Oz and I took the train to Prop Store, which was a first visit for me. While the weather was not terribly bad at our arrival, it soon began snowing and actually made a sharp turn for the worst. We cut our visit short so as to not get trapped out at the store (admittedly not the worst place in the world to be stuck). [Read more…]

Coldplay Crisis “Hidden Gig” Trip – England Journal Day One

England Journal: Day One. This morning I flew into Heathrow Airport around 6:00 am and seeing the city waking up to darkness and already bustling with activity was a sight to behold. Breathtaking. It was an unexpected aerial tour of many of the largest historical landmarks of London. [Read more…]