Billy Idol Announces 2014/2015 World Tour Following “Dancing With Myself” Book Tour, New “Kings & Queens Of The Underground” Album


2014 and 2015 are shaping up to be epic for fans of Billy Idol, starting with the Dancing With Myself autobiography, hitting stores and online retailers tomorrow.  Today is the last day to pre-order for an entry into the Dancing With Myself Sweepstakes, and today is the first day of a limited number of book signings in the United States and the United Kingdom throughout October.  In just a few weeks, on October 21st, the first new Billy Idol studio album in some time, Kings & Queens Of The Underground, will drop.  The new single, “Can’t Break Me Down”, is already available.  While UK and European concert dates were announced for November some time ago, today North American dates were announced for January and February 2015, including special meet and greet tickets. [Read more…]

Billy Idol at Hult Center for the Performing Arts | Eugene, Oregon | 10/28/2012 (Concert Review)

“Thank you, Eugene, Oregon, for making my life so fucking great!”  That’s Billy Idol for you.  Billy Idol connects with people, and appreciates his fans.  He connects with people via his music, of course, but in a live performance, he does more than that…  and just as his language is uncensored, so are his connections with people.  As soon as he comes out onto the stage, his eyes dart about the audience, and you see him make these connections.  He seems to have an innate ability to connect with fans, and give them something back that suits them – a grin, a smile, a point with his finger and nod, a wry look, wide open eyes, the famous lip curl…  [Read more…]

Billy Idol at Showbox SoDo | Seattle, Washington | 10/26/2012 (“Play My Birthday Billy Idol dot com” Concert) (Concert Review)

The world needs Billy Idol.  The world needs cool, and it needs a bit of a rebel yell.  But it also needs dreamers.  And, sometimes, a crazy, impossible, outlandish dream can lead to great things.  And all of this was proven on an epic night in Seattle, as a young man with hope, ambition, persistence, and ingenuity leveraged the Internet in a way that lead to rock music legend and icon Billy Idol playing his 26th birthday party at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle last night.  I’ve seen Billy Idol many, many times over the years, but I can say without a doubt that last night’s special show featured the best audience I’ve ever been a part of at one of his concerts.  And in these challenging times we live in, it felt like everyone left their struggles and frustrations and all other negativity at the door, and embraced the awesome music and amazing live performance of Billy Idol and his band, as the put on a scorching show.  As just the second (by my count) U.S. date this year (with a third in Eugene tomorrow night), I believe it serves as evidence of the significant demand for fans to see Billy Idol play live.  He is one of my all-time favorite artist, has such a fantastic catalog of songs, and is one of the best live acts performing today accompanied by a peerless band and the incomparable Steve Stevens on lead guitar.  Cheers to Michael Henrichsen for having a dream and putting such effort into something that brings joy not just to himself, but everyone who loves Billy Idol who came to take part in it.  Michael certainly knows how to party, and he brought it to Seattle last night, in the form of the legendary Billy Idol.

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Billy Idol at Mountain Winery | Saratoga, CA | 10/12/11 (Concert Review)

On October 12th, I had an opportunity to see Billy Idol perform at Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA for the second consecutive year.  My favorite (relatively) local venue, I was fortunate enough to have front row center seats, literally standing right in front of Idol’s front center position for the entire show (as you will see from the photos below).  [Read more…]